Olympia Farm Stylish Engagement

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this engagement shoot, well maybe not including being eaten by some giant mosquitoes, but one look at these lovely two in the summer sun made up for those itchy pests in a heartbeat.

The engagement session with Katie and Evan was filled with laughter, a few screams from garden snakes, and big smiles and hugs. 



and this just might be where my lovely fear of things that slither came into play.  Luckily, like the total gentleman Evan is, he tromped through the grass pretty well to make sure all those fun critters had scattered off before we shot in the field.


while walking through the trails we even found some gorgeous sunlight to make things a little more magical ;)



As the sun dipped down over the wetlands, we had a quick outfit change, and added the coolest car ever.


I had so much fun with these two, and even more fun on their wonderful wedding day! Stay tuned for their wedding day on the blog !

Laura DeMersComment