The Princess Projects - Merida

I am so excited to release my new website and to commemorate this reveal I am going to start showing a private project I have been working on for some time! 


So without further ado - Meet my stunning Disney's Merida styled bride!



This beautiful bride is actually wearing her mother's wedding gown!  It was beautifully vintage and fit the scene perfectly with its ornate embroidered overlay and fitted flare.

Her jewelry was all handmade by the wonderful Page's Jewelry based out of Bainbridge Island, Washington.  All of her work was absolutely stunning and each piece has so much thought into it.  Merida's piece is actually two necklaces stacked on each other.  The teal has a stone bear on the clasp, to combine another element of the story, while the beautiful arrow embraces Merida's little rebel, adventurous side. 




And who could forget Merida's beautiful steed! Although Angus is actually played by Titan, a stunning Shire stud from High Bridge Shire Farms.  I have horses myself, but this guy was so huge he even made me a little nervous, but he was so obedient and gentle it was amazing to work with him. 


Oh and let's not forget Merida's epic bow and arrow skills.  Luckily for us, a dear friend of ours had a vintage bow and we then decked out a holster and some arrows with craft faux fur, leather, and feathers to mimic an authentic vintage bow and arrow feel.  The arrow photos were all photographed in the vast fields of the beautiful Eberle Farm, a renovated dairy farm in Port Angeles, Washington used for weddings and events. 

Photography and stylizing by Laura DeMers of Fyrelite Photography 

Model : Emily Denzel 

Venues: Eberle Barn & High Bridge Shires

Hair and Makeup : Michaela Wright

Jewelry: Pages Jewelry